Sunday, August 17, 2014

Focus '14-Modeling Jesus-Entry #29

Hi Friends!

As many of you know we're in a lesson series where we're looking to Scripture to provide authentic answers for troubling times - and troubling times are not only in the Middle East but in Middle America (reference the news from Missouri) - and even in Middle Madeira (see the local news) where many who read this blog live.

One answer that Scripture provides to relational crisis is a single word with multiple applications - the word we discussed today is humility - I believe the Biblical definition of humility is to think more of God than we think of anyone or anything.

Jesus modeled humility in thinking of God above everyone and everything - and the Apostle Paul encourages us to embrace the Spirit of Christ in every aspect of living (see Philippians 2) - in so doing Scripture promises that troubling times will be transformed to peaceful times that surpass human understanding.

This evening I simply want to encourage Christians to humble themselves as Christ did - to put the will of God above everyone and everything and depend upon His Word to be the resource that will best bring calm to the storms of life - may the supernatural peace of Jesus be manifest through the church to the hearts (the Middle) of humanity throughout the world.

This is my prayer this evening - that people everywhere would turn to Jesus and find rest for relational conflict that can be modeled for future generations through the unity of His Spirit - and the relational bond of His Peace.

In Christ,

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  1. Part of being a Christian is being Christ-like. As we learn more about Christ, grow in relationship with Him, we have more ways to be like Christ.

    Thank you for helping to show us the way to be more like Christ in every area of our lives.