Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Principle of First

Hi Friends!

There are so many competing priorities in life that we sometimes forget that our personal relationship with God is to be FIRST! The Principle of First was established by God in the Old Testament and carried forward in the New Testament.

The FIRST of Ten Commandments in the Old Covenant is for God is to be FIRST (Exodus 20:3) and the FIRST and Greatest Commandments in the New Covenant is for God is to be FIRST (Matthew 22:36-40).

God so loved the world that He gave His FIRST Son Jesus Christ as a sacrifice to redeem us from our sins (John 3:16). Jesus Christ reminds us (see Matthew 6:19-34) not to lay up treasures for ourselves or worry about competing priorities in life but to seek God FIRST and everything will be taken care of in its proper order.

During this season of Thanksgiving I am compelled through prayer and Bible Study and the Holy Spirit to remind the church that our relationship with God is to be FIRST! I'm reminded of the hymn that says "I'll put Jesus FIRST in my all that I say and in all that I do."

Check out the link below and by doing what it says you will be putting Jesus FIRST and you and your family and your church will be blessed for your faithfulness to His Word. Our relationship with God is to be FIRST in all that we say and do including the stewardship of our finances.

God's Peace,

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  1. It's funny - or rather, interesting and telling - that I need to be reminded of this. It isn't new. God has been saying this for thousands of years. It is all through the Bible, explicitly and implicitly.

    Then when someone comes out and tells the truth, people are surprised. Some are bothered. Others ignore it. And some have that fire reignited, or fanned higher, hotter, and brighter.

    Thank you for paying attention to this, and for sharing it with us. The truth will set us free.