Saturday, December 1, 2018

Focus December '18 - Be the LIGHT of CHRISTMAS

Hi Friends!

I can't remember a Christmas in my lifetime where "the light of the world" is in greater demand as the darkness in the world is supplied in so many forms and at such a furious pace - truth is each one of us has been drawn into darkness to varying degrees and lived in darkness to varying degrees as well - and reality is that one degree of darkness separates us from "the light of life" in whom there is no darkness at all.

The Good News is that all humanity is on equal ground in need of Christ and that is why I am always excited about Christmas - Christmas answers prejudice and pride with peace and purpose "for unto us a Savior is born and He is Christ the Lord" - the Christ of Christmas is the person who was born to save all people from sin and guide all people to right relationship with God and one another - anyone who accepts Jesus as Savior and Lord is positioned to "Be the Light of Christmas."

Receive "the light of Christmas" and "be the light of Christmas" to all you know and meet!

Merry Christmas and God's Peace,

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  1. Jesus is the best gift of all - to receive and to share with others!