Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Focus '18 - Pray Continually - May

Hi Friends!

Our current sermon series is focused on remaining stable in the midst of storms - our study is from the book of Daniel which speaks much and provides great insights into successfully managing many contemporary challenges that are common to most - I encourage you to read the book of Daniel and actively participate in all opportunities for fellowship, prayer, small groups, worship and service.

We will also be doing a deep-dive into "The Daniel Plan" - the tenets of this best-selling series is to encourage one another in a life fitness plan that is powered by faith and centered in good nutrition and exercise - the Bible assures us that the physical body is a gift from God to live a spirit-led life and we want to be sure we are aligned with God's will in all things.

The more we tap into God the more stable our lives will be in the storms!

God's Peace and my prayers,


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  1. Praying continuously makes sense, because we are surrounded by God continuously.