Saturday, April 16, 2016

Focus '16 - LIFE ON MISSION - Entry # 4

Hi Friends,

When I update this blog I am reminded that it is written with bias - I write from a Christian worldview - I believe Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and that no one can have a right relationship with His Father apart from Him - I believe this because Jesus said so in John 14:6.

If I know the only way for a child to cross the street safely - is for the child to walk in the crosswalk when the traffic light  for oncoming traffic is red and the hand on the walk light is white - I'm not intolerant but loving for teaching a child to walk this way.

We make decisions daily that one way is the right way to live safely - I love people enough to tell them that Jesus is the right way to live safely with God - I believe Jesus when He said no one leaves earth to go to heaven and be with God apart from Him.

Look around and we see multiple flashing signs promising peace - truth is Jesus is like no other because He alone provides peace with God that guards our hearts and minds for eternity - to that end I post a prayer for people I minister with and to in my daily path.



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  1. Truly, Jesus is like no other. Thank you for preparing and presenting this sermon series.