Saturday, August 1, 2015

Focus '15 - Be Ready - Entry #10

Hi Friends!

Many of the messages I hear each day wreak of loss - the world we live in is headlined with despair and discouragement and death - turn on the local news for thirty minutes any day of the week and routinely the first report is of someone hurting another in a way that maims emotions and destroys joyful living.

Aren't you tired of the chaos?

Wouldn't you like the headlines to change?

The message of the church is radically different than the mire in this world - it is a message about the MAN who WINS in the END by bringing people from every race and nation into a spirit of eternal unity where there is no pain, heartache, sorrow, tears, or death - the MAN is Jesus Christ and His message to the world is "Behold I am coming soon!" (Revelation 22:7).

If you are looking to live above the dissension in our culture and bless people of all races and nations with peace and goodwill  - I invite you to tap into a study from Revelation that we will be sharing at Connections Christian Church this Fall - if you cannot attend and would like a down-loadable recording of this lesson series please email me at

One day soon the headline of world wide news will be Jesus is back - that is why our goal for all people is to connect to our loving God and each other through a relationship with Him - tap into that relationship and be a difference maker in our culture by bringing the light and love of Jesus to your part of the world.

My prayers for you to that end.

My prayers for the church to change the headlines to the good news of Jesus.

God's Peace,

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  1. There is a story about a king who wanted an all-purpose saying - it could be used on any occasion. His wise men came up with "This, too, shall pass". Not bad at all from a worldly perspective, but it's obvious that the "wise men" had not read Revelation.

    When Jesus returns, there will be no end of His kingdom (Luke 1:33, referring back to Isaiah 9:7). It shall not pass. The wise men will be wrong.

    Looking forward to the sermon series. I'm guessing it will be more than a 2-parter?